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You can now listen to podcasts on the Alexa-enabled technology

A couple of days ago there has been an update that gave permission to listen to Apple Podcasts on such devices as the Echo speakers. To listen to it all a person needs to do is just ask Alexa to play the needed podcast on Apple Podcasts and that is all. This software can be set as the main and primary podcast player on any of the devices, so that when you ask Alexa to play a podcast, the software will first be searching it on this application, and only if it finds nothing, Alexa will keep searching on other apps. Moreover, if a person add his/her Apple ID to their software, they will have the possibility of pick up right where they stopped listening the podcast.

Not only Apple made this update, but also Spotify has announced that users will be able to listen to its podcasts on their devices. Apple’s application has been the most popular one in terms of podcasts. But now Spotify has become one of Apple’s competitors. Moreover, Spotify can be used on both Android and IOS devices, unlike Apple’s software, which can be used only by people that have Apple devices.

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