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The Redbox company will stop renting video games

You may have already heard of, or even rented a game from one of the Redbox terminals. Recently, this company claimed that they will be giving up the game rentals. The company’s kiosks have been a pretty convenient way to rent a game or any of the films, but of course, if you do have a disc drive. This company was one of the few that were still offering for people to rent games as well. A few days ago Redbox has confirmed that they will now be renting only films and they will stop to rent games.

Nevertheless, people will still be able to get games from Redbox until the end of 2019. Some of the people have even noticed that the company’s kiosks have already stopped to offer games for rent, but the company claims that on some of the kiosks people will still be able to find the desired games until the end of this year.

This change is very upsetting for the people that liked to rent different games from the Redbox kiosks. When Redbox will completely stop to offer these rental there will be no more places left where gamers would be able to get a CD version of a video game for rent, except for Blockbuster, but there are only one of such places left in the entire world.

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