Sex is not only an impulse of passion, but it is also a great tangible benefit for each of the partners. Recent studies of famous scientists in the field of sexology have confirmed some interesting facts about regular sex and its influence on human health.

How sex influences human health

Scientists proved that regular sex (3-4 times a week) reduces the likelihood of cardiovascular disease in men. In addition, according to medical professionals, regular exercise leads to longevity. During sex in the human body, there is a powerful release of the hormone endorphin, which in turn also reduces the pain threshold. In addition, in men, there is a release into the blood of the male sex hormone – testosterone, which helps strengthen the bone tissue. Regular sex will also help people to lose weight. Having sex and playing a set of tennis is equivalent to the number of calories burned. A sexually active person is less likely to get ill, so this is good for work too. Regular sex favorably affects your body shape, especially correct gluteal and abdominal muscles.

During sex, a woman actively produces estrogen – the female sex hormone, which helps to reduce cholesterol levels.  No one needs to prove that sex helps relieve fatigue and stress. Women who have sex at least once a week can enjoy a regular menstrual cycle. Finally, some of the experts believe that an orgasm can help to cope with various infections.