Oddly enough, but during menstruation days many women really want sex. Should they deny themselves in pleasure? There are several pros and cons of sex during menstruation.

Pros and cons of sex during menstruation

The first negative thing is the risk of infection for both partners. This is due to the fact that bacteria are actively developing and multiplying in the nutrient medium, which in this case is blood. Since during menstruation, the cervix is ajar bacteria can easily penetrate inside, which leads to very unpleasant diseases. Secondly, sex during menstruation implies a particularly careful implementation of all hygiene rules by both partners. Be sure to take a shower before and after sex. Take care of a clean towel or wet wipes in the vicinity of the bed in advance. It is also recommended to use a condom. However, it will only protect the man. In a woman, the risk of bacteria entering the uterus during sex during menstruation is preserved.

Anyway, there are positive moments of sex these days. Many women have a strong orgasm while having sex during menstruation, because the vagina is swollen due to blood flow, and it becomes narrower and very sensitive. In addition, it is well hydrated. In some women, sex on critical days reduces menstrual cramps. The spasms during orgasm push the fluid out of the uterus, which reduces the swelling, so the pain subsides.