The main thing on a date is to don’t slide to the tediousness. Being yourself does not mean being like you are with your parents or friends. Remember that your goal is to interest the girl to date her, not to get some virtual friend.

Be an interesting person to meets someone

This is the most important advice when meeting a girl on the Internet. Let her feel that she will be interested in you. It is important to somehow show that you are different from the crowd of youngsters who write to her on social networks. At the same time, do not spend too much time on the correspondence on the Internet. Live communication is much more interesting and seductive. Use online dating as a hook to get a real date. After that, you need to only not get confused at the first date and be the same interesting person as on the Internet.

Thereby, it is better to think about your image in advance, how the girl will see you and feel you. The topics for first conversations on a date are also highly important. Choose the place of your date to surprise her.

Anyway, before the date, you need to make sure that you want to meet exactly this girl. Girls love to be photographed – form selfies to professional photos. You have to remember one important rule: most of these photos are edited and are far from reality.