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From now on you can get the annual subscription for Apple Arcade that will cost you $49.99

The Apple Arcade application had only the $4.99 subscription per month, but a couple of days ago they also added an annual one. The annual subscription for this gaming platform is much better than the monthly one, as it offers 2 months of free gaming experience. When you pay for this type of subscription it turns out that you pay money only for 10 months and get the opportunity to use the platform the other months left for free.

Such discounts are used by almost every application that there is on the Apple Store. Which is why it is no wonder that there is such a great discount for the Arcade platform also. The app’s users that have already purchased the monthly one can easily get the annual one through the Subscription settings of the store platform. Also, we recommend subscribing on freepornhq.net

The Apple Arcade platform grants access to more than one hundred amazing and most popular games on IOS devices, which also includes TV and the Apple laptops and computers. Any of the subscriptions promises that there will be no in-app payments. People need only to get one of the subscription offers and can use it on any of their devices (up to 6 people).

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