Online dating services give wide options for communication. For example, it is possible here to speak with many girls or boys at the same time and plan many dates. However, it is very important here to still stay personal. 

How to stay personal when chatting with many people

Even if you are communicating with teen girls (or boys) at the same time, each of them should feel like the only one. Each of them has own character, hobbies, and the way of life. And this means that the approach to communication should be very personal. To get this in your online communication, you can show your flexibility and imagination. Girls love attention just as men do. Therefore, try as much as possible to show your interest and do not use templates.

You have to realize the main thing: in fact, the Internet is very similar to real life. The more you pull the meeting, the more likely that someone else will be bolder than you. Many guys are very afraid of a personal meeting because there they will not be able to pretend to be macho of the year. There everyone needs to look into the eyes of a person. There will not be time for 10 minutes to think of an interesting answer or search for information in Google. In fact, everything is very simple. You take her phone number, call and make an appointment. Do not invent extra problems, and do not behave like a schoolboy.